The Sights

Oxford is world renowned for its history, heritage and things to do.

However with so many things to do its often a maze trying to work out exactly what to do in Oxford!

Here are our top tips of things to do and see in Oxford.

Take in a tour..

Oxford is a truly amazing city and with its winding lanes and narrow pathways it is easy to over look something. Ensure you do not miss a hidden gem by having them all pointed out to you by a guide or a tour.

There are two great options for tours. A open bus tour, book online to save money, or a audio download. You download the tour, put it on your Ipod or MP3 player, walk around at your leisure and listen to an expect guide via the track. 
More information on the download here.

Take in a show....

Oxford is famous for its heritage and history, all of which is reflected in the quality of productions at New Theatre. However book early as productions sell out quickly! 
See what is on at New Theatre now.

Fun on the river…

Take in the sights of Oxford by boat with a chauffeur driven punt or for those wishing to try a new skill punt yourself along the river.

Magdalen bridge is the best place to pick up a punt. This can be found just off the high street. 

Birds eye view…

Oxfords dreamy spires are world renowned, what better way to see them than by going up one and being face to face with the staggering views.

The most popular view point is Carfax tower, however this is not the best. Along the high street hides St Mary’s Church Tower, donation required, this is taller than Carfax and has an original spiral staircase - a must see. Map to St Mary's here. 


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